#EmbraceTheSabres is in full swing. Winners of eight of their past eleven the Sabres host Florida tonight. Last time these two teams met was about a week ago in Sunrise where the Panthers mauled Buffalo much like the real animals would, a 0-4 loss. The Sabres are coming off an average game on Tuesday against Calgary.

Sabres Minimalist logoThe flames managed to get burned this go around. Buffalo circled the wagons after falling behind three to two despite holding a one zero lead at one point. The Ennis, Moulson, Girgenson line were responsible for a come from behind victory. Much credit though is due to their defenders in Myers and Gorges. Responsible for keeping the likes of Giordano and the rest of the Flames’ top line from tying the game Myers and Gorges kept their legs moving. Their teammates demonstrated immense resolve so credit deserves to be upon their shoulders accordingly.

Within the third period the Sabres opened up their game, when behind, to attack more. The Flames opened their game to begin the third, daring the Sabres to follow suit. The Sabres did, their passes were connecting to proper targets within the final period as opposed to the first two. As a result they came from behind to win. Buffalo needs to keep an open game against the Panthers tonight. Ristolainen and Zadurov will need to play a bigger role in the offensive zone in order for the Sabres to keep this #EmbraceTheSabres winning streak going.

Passes will be a key feature to this game. So long as the Queen City can continue to improve their passing percentage they will keep the game close. Face-off wins will be a stat they need to improve but against a pliable Sun Belt hockey team passes will be key.

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