Hall of Fame, Ride of Fame

Ovi’s Bus, Best Bus! 

Alex Ovechkin is destined for the Hockey Hall of Fame one day. Tuesday afternoon, outside of Verizon, his name was enshrined in the Ride of Fame, an honor bestowed upon other notable athletes such as Henrik Lundqvist, Reggie Jackson, Joe Namath Roger Maris, Joe Theisman and Walt Frazier.

Ovi Ride of Fame Induction

The Ride of Fame is a series of “mobile monuments,” basically double-decker tourist buses, that honor famous New Yorkers (mostly), from the sports world, music (LIZA has one!), movies (Richard Dreyfus), Broadway (Bernadette Peters), and other professions (Donald Trump and Rachel Ray). A contest was held for fans to be VIPs at the induction ceremony and a lucky few got the chance to roll with the captain. It’s a pretty sweet rig.

Dressed like a typical DC tourist in t-shirt and cutoff sweats, Ovi boards his bus for the first time.

Dressed like a typical DC tourist in t-shirt and cutoff sweats, Ovi boards his bus for the first time.

For the next month, Ovi One will be seen all over town from 9am and 11pm and it will have two routes. One will traverse the downtown and federal corridors, the Hill, Penn Quarter and Foggy Bottom.


A second loop starts on the Hill and heads to Georgetown, up to Woodley Park and through DuPont. For a town that doesn’t allow billboards, this is some pretty clever outdoor advertising.


There was a nice turnout of fans media and passers-by. After the ceremony, the bus took off for a lap around Verizon and from the top deck, Ovi appeared to really be digging it.



Ovi was in very good spirits and posed for pics and selfies and spent about 5 minutes doing a scrum with the attending reporters.

Ovi meets the press

Slapshot and the Red Rockers were there, too!


After a quick trip around the Booth, Ovi One rolled back to the F Street entrance.


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