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A lapsed New Zealand lawyer, exiled to grad school in Toronto.

SCF Preview: Point-Counterpoint

Editor’s Note: “Jane, you ignorant slut.” The point-counterpoint format worked so well the last time, we invited the last two men standing to go a round: Mike Shoro repping the Hawks and Eddie for the Bruins. Eddie, who wears a … Continue reading

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Round 2: Bruins vs. Rangers

Well, that was exciting… As a Bruins fan, you get used to a certain amount of drama with your hockey. No, I’m not talking the Brad Marchand school of acting, or Jack Edwards’ agreeably hysterical play-by-play style. Instead, I’m talking their recent … Continue reading

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Bruin Bashing and Confirmation Bias

The last couple of days have not been good ones from Bruins fans.  On Wednesday night with eight seconds to go we were going to beat the hated Habs and Jarome Iginla and his impressive calves (hell, impressive everything) were … Continue reading

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Lucic and Seguin and Bruins, Oh My!

So I’m a new voice here at Puck Buddys with a particular interest in the kindest, sweetest, most widely loved team in the league: the Boston Bruins.  The utterly fascinating story of how I went from clueless New Zealand expat … Continue reading

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