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Ed. Note: Today, the latest member of the team hits the ice. Jason Rogers currently hangs his hat in Virginia, has studied in Paris and worked in China. But where ever he is in the world he’s a Caps fan through … Continue reading

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The Sid and Ovi Show

I know, I know … I am neither the Pittsburgh Penguins nor the Washington Capitals correspondent. So why am I writing an article on both of their superstars? Well first of all, anyone who knows me can tell you I … Continue reading

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10 Things To Do During The NHL Lockout

I’m a Lockout Virgin. Because I’m a fairly new hockey fan, I have not yet had the displeasure of having my favorite sport cancelled or delayed for the season. But if that happens, I’m not going to sit around crying … Continue reading

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On the beneficence of the Washington Capitals

Hi everyone, Ryan Lambert here. I’m writing guest posts for Puck Buddys until the Capitals are eliminated from the playoffs, which will be never. Get into it. The one thing you can say about Dale Hunter is that he is … Continue reading

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Rocket To Russia

A-O! Let’s Go! Caps Game Entertainment aired a pretty special video last night that would warm the heart of any Ramones fan, a riff on their classic, Blitzkrieg Bop, but in lieu of “Hey Ho, Let’s Go!” it was “A-O, Let’s Go!” The band played … Continue reading

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Rumbly In His Tumbly

The Washington press corp is all over the Alexander Ovechkin tummy pat story. After each of his last five goals, Captain Crunch has rubbed or patted his tummy each time. The Washington Post is on top of it, and so … Continue reading

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Transition Game

Beyond the Beltway, our very own Ted Starkey, has a nice following. Ahead of the All-Star break, Vinny, our Isles correspondent, spoke with Ted about all things Caps: Ted’s ownership, team culture, Ovi, Sasha, Bruce, white home jerseys,  and the DH32 – Turgeon … Continue reading

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