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Carpet Bombed

We want to be all-around Caps fans by supporting the team, the larger community and if we can, the sponsors who help bring the games to Verizon and Comcast.  We consider ourselves pretty savvy consumers and on a number of occasions … Continue reading

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A Poetry Slam I saw the best minds Caps bloggers of my generation destroyed by madness, starving (for a win) hysterical naked panicked, dragging themselves through the negro streets arenas at dawn looking for an angry fix victory, angelheaded hipsters skaters burning … Continue reading

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Waiting For Godot(vechkin)

Theater Hockey of the Absurd: A Play in Three Periods Our two characters here are nothing like Samuel Beckett’s hapless Vladimir and Estragon.  Nonetheless, they ponder the very same existential questions of choices, friendship, time, consciousness and truth. The principals in … Continue reading

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Bird Is The Word

Wave that Flag  Our heartfelt thanks to Caps team mascot Slapshot and the entire front office for the warm and gracious welcome they extended to the PuckBuddys.  Seen here at last night’s game before the player intros, our feathered friend lets his freak flag … Continue reading

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