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The Silence of the Fans

Kevin Bieksa ruffled Canucks fans’ feathers last year when he told the press how embarrassing it was that fans for visiting teams were louder at home games in Rogers Arena than Canucks fans. This, of course, caused a great deal … Continue reading

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The Canucks Are Soaring, So Naturally The Fans Are Panicking

For the second year in a row, the Canucks have clinched the top spot in the NHL along with the President’s Trophy after defeating the Edmonton Oilers 3-0 in the final matchup of the regular season. Roberto Luongo was in … Continue reading

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Scouting Report: Canuck-leheads

Who’s Warming Up the Great White North? OK, we’re feeling good today. Good and rested.  Sure, the last few games were nearly as enjoyable as being trapped in a coffin hearing rainwater seep through the cracks. But it’s a new … Continue reading

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