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Same Butts, Tighter Pants

Figure Skating for a Hockey Audience   Billy will be offering guest posts on figure skating during the Olympics. Don’t be a lutz, follow him here on Twitter @waflanagan, or face his Death Spiral! Hello Hockey Fans! I’m Billy Flanagan, and … Continue reading

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High Heels In Sochi

If I’m going to make you understand, I guess I have to take you all the way back to the red high heeled shoe. It seems like a strange way to start this piece, but I think it’s the most appropriate. … Continue reading

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Crime and Punishment. And Sochi

The cultural and historic roots of homophobia in Russia (with jokes) We’ve been mostly keeping our powder dry on the Putin pogrom and Sochi, leaving the heavy lifting to our contributors. Until now. Over the next month or two, we’ll … Continue reading

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The Gay Games I’ve been a fan of Russian history and culture since my teenage years. (Full Disclosure: I used to believe that if Trotsky had become the leader, the Soviet Union might have prospered. Since learning that Stalin was … Continue reading

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