You ask, we tell.   We like everything about hockey. 

The speed, the flash, the unpredictability of a bouncing puck. We like the coaches, the fights, the crowds. But mostly we like the players – their amazing athleticism and physical abilities. And let’s face it: an extraordinary number of hockey players are simply hot – and that includes every single Washington Capitals player.

Hailing from Hockeytown and right at home in Red, Doug is a journalist by day; a Brooks Laich and Mike Green fanboy in his off hours. Craig works in PR and spends his free time building shrines to Alex Ovechkin and learning to speak Russian. 

We’re indebted to the superstar Comcast Sports Network announce team of Joe Beninati, Craig Laughlin, Alan May, and Smokin’ Al Koken, as well as the many sharp and talented writers on our blogroll who make us smarter about this game every day, and who have welcomed us into the larger Caps family. A big part of the Caps family is Russian Machine Never Breaks. After our first year, they flattered us by asking us to write pregamers and the occasional feature for them. We’re honored to have our work appear on their pages.

And while this began as a decidedly Capscentric site, 2011-2012 began featuring contributions from a number of writers around the League, over twenty so far. As time goes by, we hope to fill a complete roster of the NHL’s 30 teams and serve as a hub for gay fans around the League. Drop us a line if you’d like to get on board and help us document the side of hockey the tourists never see. 

Comments made here are unmoderated and will post immediately. The opinions stated in those belong to the author exclusively and not the site editors. We welcome guest posts and commentary on anything related to the Caps obviously, or other aspects of the sport. Please email us with any questions, ideas, criticism, or invites to games.  

Before launching PuckBuddys, we helped run a site of a far more serious nature: WhoMurderedRobertWone. 

Disclosure: You Can Play is a pro bono client of Craig’s PR firm. There is no official connection between that organization and this website.


19 Responses to FAQ

  1. Meghan says:

    I adore this blog. You guys are great.

  2. Joe Clark says:

    I trust you know the plural of puckbuddy is puckbuddies?

    I’m surprised you didn’t use apostrophe-S.

    • Craig says:

      Joe: Thanks for visiting. puckbuddies dot com was already registered and lies dormant somewhere out on the Interwebs. We scrambled for the next best available URL.

  3. J says:

    Ha… this blog is ridiculously awesome. And I’d swear that you were one of my ex boys from U of M, except there isn’t nearly enough Mike Green fangirling going on to prove it XD Keep up the good work!

  4. Mark417 says:

    Gentlemen, nicely done. I love that the first boys-who-like-boys-who-play-hockey-blog that I know of is a “C-A-P-S Caps! Caps! Caps!” blog. Also, I followed the twitter link over there —> —> and wanted to say nice job Friday on the Lavar show. Toot your own horn a little and put an easier to find post up front on the subject. Finally, as a gay man I think I need to turn my card in since I did not catch the puckbuddys rhyming innuendo the first oh, 6 or 7 times I came to the site. (Hangs head)

  5. Tommy says:

    This is a great site! I can see the brown eye Sasha love, but what about Nicky? Also, do you see this site expanding past the Caps? No offense. The Caps are good, but there are other players who are very easy on the eyes who aren’t Caps.

    I’m so going to tell my friends about this.

    • Craig says:

      Thanks Tommy. Depending which way the winds blow, this could grow to a league-wide effort, but we’re taking baby steps now. Thanks for spreading the word. Tweet and Facebook the crap out of our link please and help us grow the community.

      Lonestar: There was a Stars oriented gay site we came across while we were doing research but it appears dormant. We’ve got a close pal in Texas who runs a cool Wings site – The Production Line.

  6. KNXVIL says:

    I love it, and please keep it up (espeshuly teh LOLz, pleez)–coming from a straight female–but you guys missed Mathieu Perreault’s birthday back on 1/5. Or did I miss a post? (No, I don’t have a crush. OK, damn it. I do. *insert wistful sigh here*) 🙂

    • Craig says:

      K: Thanks loads. If we missed MP85’s birthday, then I suggest we fire the Managing Editor. Or trade him to Pittsburgh.

      • Gabriel says:

        But… surely not Pittsburgh, who’d you be willing to take in return?

        Brilliant blog, Craig. There’s a whole lot of awesome going on in here.

        • Doug says:

          Thanks Gabriel. Looks like he’s stuck with me. Just like in those story-book weddings. And, you know, it’s hard being so awesome all the time. Perhaps you or other citizens would be willing to share the duties?

          • Gabriel says:

            I don’t think anyone needs, or wants, the perspective of a Senators fan right now… unless you’d be willing to trade a pair of socks for Kovalev? He’d look great on your lawn.

  7. rabbit says:

    Seems like an awful sucking up going on here. Great blog. Rock the Red, aye?

  8. pat says:

    Hi J and C, my friend and I are curious as to where you both follow the games from. I told him that you two sit next to each other during the games. He insist that Craig is down by the ice every game? We need an answer, so we can settle this. Also you two have great chemistry and keep up the great work for the great team of the Washington CAPITALS!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks Pat B.

  9. Andrea says:

    Awesome site guys!!!

    I hope you reach out to the newest team in my neck of the woods


  10. Gabriel says:

    Hi… has anyone looked into depression as a cause for Ovie’s downturn? Russians are notorious for their clinical depressions… they’re like Finns that way. Maybe some light therapy would get him back to how he used to be..? I’m actually kind of serious…

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