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Behind the Scenes with CSN’s Caps Pregame Live

There’s a problem in the control room, and Alan May is involved. “He’s definitely gone over,” producer Ryan Billie tells the crew over headset. “We’re over by :30.” TV control rooms do not like surprises. They are dark places, populated … Continue reading

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Penguins Free Agency: Are You Happy Now, Boston?

Ever topical, the PuckBuddys crew takes a look at how their individual teams fared during the recent free agent frenzy. Today: the Pittsburgh Penguins. The theme of the Pittsburgh Penguins’ 2013 free agency: Let’s make Boston feel better about losing … Continue reading

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SCF Preview: Point-Counterpoint

Editor’s Note: “Jane, you ignorant slut.” The point-counterpoint format worked so well the last time, we invited the last two men standing to go a round: Mike Shoro repping the Hawks and Eddie for the Bruins. Eddie, who wears a … Continue reading

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Pens – Bruins ECF Preview (Smackdown)

Editors’ Note: #Pens’s scribe Adam, wrote a perfectly competent preview to the Eastern Conference Final, but then Eddie, our Bruins writer and wartime consiglierei, obtained (subpoenaed) the document and offered his [bracketed] editorial assistance. Well, this is pretty much what everyone saw … Continue reading

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Round 2: Bruins vs. Rangers

Well, that was exciting… As a Bruins fan, you get used to a certain amount of drama with your hockey. No, I’m not talking the Brad Marchand school of acting, or Jack Edwards’ agreeably hysterical play-by-play style. Instead, I’m talking their recent … Continue reading

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For Boston

Dear Boston, As a bleed blue-and-gold Sabres fan, it’s a general rule that I don’t often write nice things about the Boston Bruins. However, with any rule, there are exceptions. This is one of those. When disaster strikes, sporting events … Continue reading

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Bruin Bashing and Confirmation Bias

The last couple of days have not been good ones from Bruins fans.  On Wednesday night with eight seconds to go we were going to beat the hated Habs and Jarome Iginla and his impressive calves (hell, impressive everything) were … Continue reading

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