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Bruin Bashing and Confirmation Bias

The last couple of days have not been good ones from Bruins fans.  On Wednesday night with eight seconds to go we were going to beat the hated Habs and Jarome Iginla and his impressive calves (hell, impressive everything) were … Continue reading

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Desperately Seeking Tyler

While everyone was chattering and chirping about the NHL and NHLPA ratifying the CBA and waiting for the MOU on Twitter today (I learned from Joe Yeardon that MOU means “Mountain Of Underwear”), Tyler Seguin sent out a tweet with … Continue reading

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Biggest Dickheads Of 2012

Chalk it up to the lockout and no hockey this season, but, I’m feeling a little cranky at the end of 2012. Without hockey, Twitter is not nearly as fun. I’m not able to take out my frustrations on smug … Continue reading

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Bruins, Bruises, Banners

After a three game home stand, the Bruins are on the road for the next two: the Canes on Wednesday evening and then the Hawks on Saturday night. Peter gives us an update on how the the Champs have fared … Continue reading

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That Championship Season

His Cup Runneth Over OK Everybody – stand back – make way for our newest correspondent, Peter. Thursday marks the first game on the Bruins 2011 – 2012 calendar, and it’s Peter’s day with the Stanley Cup.  And let’s be honest here; we’d switch … Continue reading

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Drop The Mitt(s)

Does Romney Believe in Miracles? Or Even the Bruins? As a continuing service to the polito-hockey community, we’re taking periodic looks at the field of candidates gearing up for 2012 presidential campaigns.  Obama’s failure to attend a single Caps game since … Continue reading

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