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10 Things To Do During The NHL Lockout

I’m a Lockout Virgin. Because I’m a fairly new hockey fan, I have not yet had the displeasure of having my favorite sport cancelled or delayed for the season. But if that happens, I’m not going to sit around crying … Continue reading

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Mittacle On Ice

We’ve occasionally mixed politics and pucks here before, most of it centered on the Republican side of the aisle. There’s Mitt Romney’s faux Bruins fandom and Tim Pawlenty’s occasional pickup games / photo-ops that were staples of his testing-the-waters visits … Continue reading

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Hawkey Lovin’ Homo

Hello, internet people! If you don’t recognize my name (Mike Shoro, b t dubs), it’s because I’ve never written anything on the internet before. Ever. Congrats, as you’re reading the first of what is sure to be multiple of my nonsensical ramblings here in … Continue reading

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We’re Blind To Our Own Hypocrisy. Fix It!

Before I get started, I need to set the record straight. There are a few, not many, but still a few, people who probably won’t consider my vantage point as a woman “legitimate” because I’m transgender. To those people, I … Continue reading

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Hockey Pages: Offside Pass & Between the Pipes

I imagine that everyone who reads this site has a hockey crush, or two… or many. Odds are most of us won’t get to act on those crushes. The great thing about books though is you can read about hockey … Continue reading

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Shark Week

A year ago today, a funny thing happened. Your humble, slightly-intrepid — humble, see? — San Jose Sharks correspondent (that’s me: name’s Chuck, pleased to meet you!) went a little off my rocker and decided it was time to pick … Continue reading

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London Calling

5v5 with Caps Across The Pond It’s hard enough to follow and cover an 82 game hockey season (and the delirious postseason) from the comforts of our own zip code, so we really sympathize with those who have to do … Continue reading

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