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Bears Out Of Hibernation

Oh, that giddy sensation! Have a hot date, but what to wear?  Should I shave? No, the rugged look should be fine, the beard isn’t grizzled yet. So I’ll wear jeans, but which top?  I don’t want to wear some other jersey, … Continue reading

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Brooklyn. It’s one of the most unique places on earth. It’s the melting pot Manhattan wants to be but is too busy being ‘business-like.’ The current label for Brooklyn is ‘trendy.’ She’s not. She is blue collar, nine to five. She … Continue reading

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Ice Cold War

Wherever hockey and politics intersect, we’re there, crashing the net. We’ve looked at President Obama’s failure to attend a single Caps game at Verizon, a mere 9 blocks from the White House, and we heartily support the RMNB “Barack the … Continue reading

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Hockey Pages: Power Play & Playing the Field: Faceoff

As the NHL lockout drags on with no end in sight, we’re all getting our hockey fix through other means. It’s a perfect time to pick up a book and read about some fictional hockey players and the guys they … Continue reading

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Lockout Blackout

What We’re Learning During Our Enforced Vacation   We admit it. We’ve been finding ourselves with a little extra time on our hands lately. And by a little we mean a shrieking, soul-crushing, metric ton of extra time. Which is pretty … Continue reading

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Remembrance Of Seasons Past

It seems like only yesterday that I was telling you about myself, but as Marcel Proust might point out, time is actually elastic and has marched on since then. Pardon me if any bitterness is evident this time around (and there … Continue reading

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Hockey Night in Canada Scotland and Ireland Is it October yet?  Yes, October is here, and with it comes all of the glorious things fall has to offer–apple picking, pumpkin-inspired everything, corn mazes, and of course, the seasonal return of … Continue reading

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Good On You, Orlando

And Good For Athletes Everywhere All of us in the sports press crowd – and yes, I guess that includes teh gays – got a bit of a jolt this week. No, not Teddy’s win, or Romney kick-boxing the President … Continue reading

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Senators 101: A Short History of Nearly Winning

To everyone who knows me, it may come as a surprise that I have taken on this role as the Ottawa Senators correspondent for this fabulous hockey site. Allow me to explain, albeit briefly. For the majority of my young … Continue reading

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NHL Lockout Wallpaper: Mr. October

I wasn’t paying attention to hockey in 2004 when NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman, with the full backing of team owners, led the league into a lockout which resulted in an entire season of hockey being cancelled. But it’s clear there’s … Continue reading

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