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What is an ‘All-Star’?

A while back, our Buffalo Sabres writer – Paul Kaseman – told us he had some thoughts to share about the NHL’s annual All-Star game. He does have some thoughts – some strong ones. This was written several weeks ago, … Continue reading

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Big Burkie to CGY

The Calgary Flames announced on Sept 5 that former President and GM of the Toronto Maple Leafs Brian Burke has been named President of Hockey Operations. Burke brings an impressive resume and reputation to Calgary, he started as GM of … Continue reading

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…it’s how you play the game.

A lot of ink has been spilled in the wake of Brian Burke’s firing. His personality, win-loss record, failure of the Leafs to make the playoffs, or perhaps his potty mouth have all been blamed. Smarter guys than us will continue … Continue reading

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Hockey Pride In Canada

Hi. It’s been quite some time, hasn’t it? I really haven’t forgotten about you. Just been busy, I swear. I’ve logged quite a few travel miles (stay tuned) and finally have some downtime where I can be reacquainted with my … Continue reading

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“Kick the F-ing Door Down”

Apologies to Gordie Howe, but we have our own Mr. Hockey, and his name is Patrick Burke.  Ahead of an event that Patrick was keynoting over the weekend, he sat with our Leafs correspondent Andrew, for a very candid interview. … Continue reading

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The “F” Word

Lakers and Faggots and Bears, Oh My! When gay life collides with the mainstream sports world, it seems to happen in clusters. Two weeks ago we saw a peculiar convergence, and last week, yet another. We’re already bored with Kobe Bryant’s … Continue reading

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Jeepers Freepers

History Will Be Made.  Someday The prose here is occasionally tortured but we’re not nearly so lame as to lean on such shopworn clichés as “perfect storm” and “tipping point,” but the past week has seen a fair number of … Continue reading

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