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The Betraying, Bewildering Canucks Season

To quote Nathan Lane in “Birdcage,” I was nothing short of betrayed and bewildered by the Canucks this past season. It all ended with a thud when they were unceremoniously bounced out of the Playoffs in a first round sweep … Continue reading

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CBJ Social Suite: How SWEET it is!

Leaving the house 12 hours before puck drop of a regular season game may seem a tad excessive to some, but not to me. My 5:00am wakeup, shower, and last-minute packing was well worth it. Thanks to Pete Olsen, the … Continue reading

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The Silence of the Fans

Kevin Bieksa ruffled Canucks fans’ feathers last year when he told the press how embarrassing it was that fans for visiting teams were louder at home games in Rogers Arena than Canucks fans. This, of course, caused a great deal … Continue reading

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The Vancouver Millionaires: A Rich History of Hockey

It’s not often that a legitimate hockey-related fashion story makes the news, so, when the Canucks organization announced they would be introducing jerseys to commemorate the 100th anniversary of our city’s original hockey team, the Vancouver Millionaires, I pulled out … Continue reading

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Roberto Luongo: Poker Face

Disclaimer: Due to some miscommunication between the editors and myself, this interview is being posted a few months after it was conducted. Hopefully, this will put things into perspective and remind everyone about all of the fun times we got to experience … Continue reading

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The Kassian-Cody Conundrum

Cory Schneider must have been relieved when the Canucks squeaked out a win during a shootout with the Calgary Flames last night, but the player who stole the spotlight was Zack Kassian. He scored one of two goals during regulation … Continue reading

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