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Biggest Dickheads Of 2012

Chalk it up to the lockout and no hockey this season, but, I’m feeling a little cranky at the end of 2012. Without hockey, Twitter is not nearly as fun. I’m not able to take out my frustrations on smug … Continue reading

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Lockout Casualty Stories: The Production Line

Mourning The Great Red Wings Blog And Savior Of Curly Fries The inanity of the 2012 NHL player lockout has left our little corner of the world rather empty lately. We tried whistling past the graveyard for the first few … Continue reading

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Hockey Pages: Cup Check & Stephani Hecht Interview

Back in August, the first books I reviewed for Hockey Pages were two of Stephani Hecht’s—Offside Pass and Between the Pipes, the first two books in her Blue Line Hockey series. I’ve now read the third, Cup Check, and also … Continue reading

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Stars Don’t Align For Lincoln

I’m pretty agitated that my first write-up of a hockey game isn’t about the Blackhawks, but I’m just crying over spilt milk so I’m just going to go ahead and let that go. Instead, this write-up is about the local … Continue reading

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What’s the T, girl? What’s the T?

I am writing today as a response to an issue very near and dear to my heart and my life; transgender discrimination and ignorance. Until today (Dec 10, 2012), I was unaware of the ESPN980 hosts’ rant about transgender junior … Continue reading

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Pro Gay

I think now is a great time to share a great story, to show us a brighter side to hockey we’ve been sorely lacking. I can’t recall exactly when or exactly how, but I met my friend “Jason” some time … Continue reading

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