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A Movember To Remember

From Peter, AKA Petr, because he always had a European flair, a special post about a very cool cancer awareness and fundraising project, Movember.  Petr is normally all about the Bruins, so it’s no wonder he’s looking or a change of pace … Continue reading

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Islanders Then And Now: ’93 & ’11

From Vinny, a history lesson. Appropriate since he’s a student of history. Today’s lesson is kick-ass hockey. Our spunky Islanders man has an institutional memory of his team that could stand up against any barroom bet. Can the Islanders of … Continue reading

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Why A Duck?

Ryan is back, with tales of Teemu, Corey, Jonas and a delicious pair of brothers – the Koivus… Koivuses? The Ducks are on the road this weekend, the Preds on Saturday and the increasingly fiesty Blue Jackets Sunday. It’s time … Continue reading

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Fear and Loathing in Ottawa

Not since Kerouac, or maybe Hunter Thompson, has a road trip been so colorfully documented. Andrew headed to Ottawa last week to take in Blue Jackets game. He still hasn’t surfaced, but his manuscript and snapshots have (smuggled out of … Continue reading

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Handsome Devils

Ahead of Thursday’s road game with the Yotes,  Brian gets us up to speed. And he knows his team. We’re starting to wonder if he works, let alone leaves the house. We think he just sits in front of several flat … Continue reading

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Hockey Against Hate

Spanning The Globe Our sincere thanks to the Commentary staff at the Toronto Globe and Mail for publishing an opinion piece today by Andrew, our Maple Leafs correspondent. Our thoughts and prayers remain with Jamie Hubley, his family and friends he … Continue reading

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5v5 With Mr. Devil

We normally reserve this space for obscure cultural references, Caps boasting and Sedin Twins jokes – but not today. Brian, our Devils correspondent, did a 5v5 interview (five questions in five minutes, plus an overtime and shootout), with Mr. Devil himself, Ken Daneyko. … Continue reading

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Bad HABits

It’s been tough sledding skating in the first weeks of the season for the Habs (1-4-1). If it weren’t for the winless Blue Jackets, the Habs would be dead last in the NHL. A spot that doesn’t sit well with either … Continue reading

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Wings Over DC

HNIDC: It’s Hockey Night in DC, as Jeff’s Wings square off against the Caps at Verizon tonight. Truth is, the DC Bureau is a house that’s somewhat divided – one of us hails from Hockeytown, and we have dear friends who … Continue reading

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Romancing With The Stars

Love is in the air. Or on the ice. Not by design, but something kinda special has emerged as we’ve put this ragtag team together. And we don’t mean the near constant flirping (flirting + chirping) on our twitter feeds. More … Continue reading

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