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Sans Louis

In general, I don’t like to overly criticize or castigate professional hockey players (well, on this blog) mainly since I’ve never played the game myself. Once a player gets to the NHL level, it’s self-evident they have the talent and … Continue reading

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Season Preview: Tampa Bay

Editor’s note: We meant to get this posted Wednesday night ahead of the Bolts first game against Boston. But the dog ate our homework. Like all of Eric’s writing, this too, is timeless. Eric, like the other good boys who … Continue reading

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Guy Incognito

“Well, you can’t fire the whole team,” is the hoary ol’ cliché everyone (and my mother) whips out when a coach is fired. The phrase itself implies the notion that really you should just clean house and start over, but there … Continue reading

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Remembrance Of Seasons Past

It seems like only yesterday that I was telling you about myself, but as Marcel Proust might point out, time is actually elastic and has marched on since then. Pardon me if any bitterness is evident this time around (and there … Continue reading

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Tampa Bay Dolts

Scouting Report: Beat Dat Bolt(s)!   We all know what opinions are like. Everyone has them, most of them smell, and rarely are they asked to be shared. And yet they are…often, and freely.  Joyfully, sometimes. Take for instance last Tuesday’s … Continue reading

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