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The Price Of Bananas

The Ugly Little Fact That Nobody Wants To Talk About Our chirpiest contributor, Vinny, aka @TheLastIslander, checks in with a decidedly contrarian take on the Simmonds-Avery incident. A lot of ink has been spilled on this controversy since it first erupted … Continue reading

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Band of Gypsies and Islanders

Introducing our Atlantic Division Bureau Chief You’re going to love this guy. Or hate him. We confuse those two emotions all the time. We asked Vinny about writing for his team, the Isles, about a month ago and he readily … Continue reading

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Dropping the “F” Bomb

Why “Faggot” Does – and Doesn’t – Matter Here we go again. Another pro athlete was caught flinging a homophobic brick during a game.  Outrage followed by lame denials or scripted apologies.  Everyone distracted for ten minutes, until the next Miller … Continue reading

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Toront – Oh!

Introducing our Original Six Bureau Chief The recruiting for the PuckBuddys 2.0 stringers continues, and one of the first to answer the call to write about their home team was Andrew, and we’re pleased to introduce him today. A Canucks … Continue reading

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GayCanuck Goes To Camp

As teased, promoted, and promised: PuckBuddys 2.0 We spent a good part of the off-season plotting on how we could take over the hockey world.  But we’re just two guys and can only do just so much.  We soon realized that we … Continue reading

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Hockey Is For Everyone

Black Ice It’s another sunny day in La Mesa, California. And another sunny day for hockey pioneer, Willie O’Ree. Just don’t call him that. “The temperature is probably going to reach around 90, 92 degrees,” he says, looking out his office window. O’Ree … Continue reading

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Everyone’s Back

Point and Shoot and Pray Our crappy little camera serves us pretty well, but even with a pro rig, we doubt our pictures would come out much better. Our forte as shooters tends to be of players’ and coaches’ backsides … Continue reading

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Year of the Ox

Celebrating Ovi’s Birthday Quick – what do a Czech porn star, a U.S. Senator, and the Battle of Thermopylae have in common? Too fast!  Nothing (that we can say publicly) except for the fact that they all share a birthday … Continue reading

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Русская машина никогда не ломается

Gay Marriage Lately, some have asked why features of ours have been published over at Russian Machine Never Breaks. The answer is simple: earlier this year we fan afoul of the Russian Mafia (in a point shaving incident during the ECF), and … Continue reading

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Chicago Style

Congressman Mike Quigley (D-IL) knows a thing or two about a good brawl. “It’s tough, it’s fast, and you better be highly skilled,” says the Chicago pol bluntly.  “Believe me, I’ve got my share of bruises and stitches over the … Continue reading

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