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Clearing the Air, and Lifting a Weight from My Shoulders

I know I’ve hinted at it and posted some things that would lead you to believe that I am transgendered. Well, here I am, coming out officially as a trans girl. This is something I struggled with for the better … Continue reading

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Notes On Camp

Editor’s Note: With that title, we bet you’re expecting a critique of the late, great Susan Sontag’s seminal theses, Notes on Camp, or perhaps a more thorough appreciation of her oeuvre.  Nope, we’re not that clever, or cultured for that matter. … Continue reading

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Carpet Bombed

We want to be all-around Caps fans by supporting the team, the larger community and if we can, the sponsors who help bring the games to Verizon and Comcast.  We consider ourselves pretty savvy consumers and on a number of occasions … Continue reading

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Hockey Pride In Canada

Hi. It’s been quite some time, hasn’t it? I really haven’t forgotten about you. Just been busy, I swear. I’ve logged quite a few travel miles (stay tuned) and finally have some downtime where I can be reacquainted with my … Continue reading

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Bring on the Buffalovin’

Greetings from Sabreland! I, Mackintosh, am your newest Puckbuddys contributor and Buffalo Sabres correspondent extraordinaire. A couple of years ago, the boys of HSBC Arena and I found each other, and it’s been something of a schmoozefest ever since. Now, at this point, … Continue reading

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STOP THE INSANITY: Paul Martin Hate Is Not The Look

“Paul Martin thinks Jerry Sandusky is a great human being #PaulMartinSmearCampaign” “Paul Martin supports cancer. #PaulMartinSmearCampaign” “Paul Martin thinks that you’re supposed to pass it to the other team. #PaulMartinSmearCampaign” “#PaulMartinSmearCampaign was just trending for me. And people say flyers … Continue reading

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