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Just A Game

There’s nothing quite like Sunday afternoon during a weekend hockey tournament. Your thighs burn every time you take a step, and your hands feel a little tender as you grab that ice cold (and most welcome) beer. Muscles in your … Continue reading

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Pens – Bruins ECF Preview (Smackdown)

Editors’ Note: #Pens’s scribe Adam, wrote a perfectly competent preview to the Eastern Conference Final, but then Eddie, our Bruins writer and wartime consiglierei, obtained (subpoenaed) the document and offered his [bracketed] editorial assistance. Well, this is pretty much what everyone saw … Continue reading

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Get Out The Way, Bitch, Get Out The Way

I’m pretty sure the Pittsburgh Penguins have been listening to a lot  of Ludacris during pre-game warm-ups, because they pushed the Philadelphia Flyers and New York Rangers, predicted by many to be  their stiffest competition in the Atlantic Division (and … Continue reading

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STOP THE INSANITY: Paul Martin Hate Is Not The Look

“Paul Martin thinks Jerry Sandusky is a great human being #PaulMartinSmearCampaign” “Paul Martin supports cancer. #PaulMartinSmearCampaign” “Paul Martin thinks that you’re supposed to pass it to the other team. #PaulMartinSmearCampaign” “#PaulMartinSmearCampaign was just trending for me. And people say flyers … Continue reading

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Draft Dénouement

The 2012 NHL Draft, held in beautiful Pittsburgh, has come and gone. The lobby of the Omni William Penn no longer has 4 radio stations fighting for space, and there’s no more synthetic ice outside of Consol Energy Center.  In a … Continue reading

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5v5 with Mr. America, Chris Peters

We go 5v5 with the United States of Hockey. Five questions answered in five minutes, plus bonus rounds, OT and a shootout. Chris Peters, USA Hockey authority, great American and expectant father, shares some thoughts on this weekend’s draft and he gets us … Continue reading

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A City, A Draft, And A Draught: A Guide To Pittsburgh

The NHL draft is rolling into Pittsburgh from June 22-23 this year, and let’s be real: on the whole, people still don’t have a damn clue when it comes to Pittsburgh. Yeah, there used to be a ton of steel … Continue reading

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