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Mayhem In The Mountains

We got to know the guys with GForce last year when they hooked us up with a video of Patrick Burke speaking at one of the Invisible Athlete forums they organized. Two of the GForce principals, Glenn Witman and Brian Kitts have since gone on to … Continue reading

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Pride Night At The Tank

A guest piece from Gloria and Emily, longtime readers, activists and Sharks fans. We first met Emily last April when she sent us a great video she produced that riffed on the NHL’s “History will be made” campaign. We got to know Gloria last … Continue reading

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Rumbly In His Tumbly

The Washington press corp is all over the Alexander Ovechkin tummy pat story. After each of his last five goals, Captain Crunch has rubbed or patted his tummy each time. The Washington Post is on top of it, and so … Continue reading

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Duncan & Daniel: Le Liaison Dangereuses

If Duncan Keith is trying to get inside Daniel Sedin’s head, he’s doing it all wrong. And the NHL told him so with a 5-game suspension and the forfeiture of nearly $150,000 in salary for slamming his elbow into Sedin’s … Continue reading

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To Everything There Is A Season

We sympathize with Andrew – his Leafs crashed and burned. Caps fans like us avert our eyes to such disasters, hoping whatever contagion the Leafs have doesn’t spread. The heady optimism of the Leaf’s early season gave way to “Fire … Continue reading

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Ryan Kesler: You Can Play

Vancouver Canucks centre, Ryan Kesler, was plunged back into the hot pink spotlight on Monday when it was revealed by Patrick Burke (@BurkieYCP) that he would be the official Canucks representative for the You Can Play Project. I had already … Continue reading

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Hoccupy Santorum

And Raising Kane Right on the heels of the You Can Play launch, a few other stories have popped up that drafted in that same wake of acceptance and equality in hockey. There was the stirring coming out story of high school jock and hockey player, Scott … Continue reading

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