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Hockey Pages: “Blood On The Ice” by Katriena Knights

I was dubious when I initially heard about Blood on the Ice by Katriena Knights. Sure, it had the attraction of having some gay hockey players in it, but one of the key aspects to the story was that the … Continue reading

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Crease Conundrum Comes to a Close in Chicago

When your editors alert you that people have asked if the Blackhawks position is open, you know it’s been far too long since you’ve posted about the Blackhawks. I mean, for cripe’s sake, my last post was about a Canucks player. … Continue reading

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Roberto Luongo: Poker Face

Disclaimer: Due to some miscommunication between the editors and myself, this interview is being posted a few months after it was conducted. Hopefully, this will put things into perspective and remind everyone about all of the fun times we got to experience … Continue reading

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Hawkey Lovin’ Homo

Hello, internet people! If you don’t recognize my name (Mike Shoro, b t dubs), it’s because I’ve never written anything on the internet before. Ever. Congrats, as you’re reading the first of what is sure to be multiple of my nonsensical ramblings here in … Continue reading

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Duncan & Daniel: Le Liaison Dangereuses

If Duncan Keith is trying to get inside Daniel Sedin’s head, he’s doing it all wrong. And the NHL told him so with a 5-game suspension and the forfeiture of nearly $150,000 in salary for slamming his elbow into Sedin’s … Continue reading

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Second City, Second Team

Not since the golden age of rail, has anyone traveled between New York and Chicago with such ease and comfort than our Scott. A Rangers man by birth, he always had a soft spot for the Hawks.  And if we … Continue reading

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