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Bruin Bashing and Confirmation Bias

The last couple of days have not been good ones from Bruins fans.  On Wednesday night with eight seconds to go we were going to beat the hated Habs and Jarome Iginla and his impressive calves (hell, impressive everything) were … Continue reading

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Crease Conundrum Comes to a Close in Chicago

When your editors alert you that people have asked if the Blackhawks position is open, you know it’s been far too long since you’ve posted about the Blackhawks. I mean, for cripe’s sake, my last post was about a Canucks player. … Continue reading

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No Bull: You Can Play

It’s a weird way to start this post, but I have to admit it was actually a bit disappointing to learn that what I’d understood to be a “You Can Play Team Night” at the Cow Palace was instead a … Continue reading

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Left Wing Lefty

Editor’s Note: Filling out the roster one squad at a time, Kyle introduces himself below and promises more to come. Give him a follow @KyleBrookings. We insist! I’m the writer for the Calgary Flames. The team is now represented here – better … Continue reading

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Q&A: Former NHL Great Brendan Witt

PuckBuddys occasionally gets cool features (more oft than not thanks to their ace Isles writer). This is one of them – a Q&A with former Caps Captain and Isles Alternate Captain, the bruising bastion of the blue line known as Brendan Witt. … Continue reading

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Major Minors

Hey there. I seem to only write “yes, I’m still alive” posts of late. Which is probably not the best idea. Neither is writing in a series of halting sentences. Like that. And that. And that… Anyway, yes I am … Continue reading

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Coming Out 2.0

Editor’s Note: Meet Remi. Finally, we have a Jets writer. Our thanks to him for reaching around out and staying in our faces. You will follow him on Twitter: @Jetster1984. Weeeeeeeeeeee’re baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!! Ok, so we’re a little late in getting represented … Continue reading

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Shutting Them Out, Shutting Them Up

[Ed note: please welcome Anthony Romeo. Please read his brilliant words. Please feel free to get chippy in the comments. Please tweet at his face here.] And you, and you, and you, you’re gonna love me.  And then I’m going … Continue reading

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CBJ Social Suite: How SWEET it is!

Leaving the house 12 hours before puck drop of a regular season game may seem a tad excessive to some, but not to me. My 5:00am wakeup, shower, and last-minute packing was well worth it. Thanks to Pete Olsen, the … Continue reading

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Halfway. Half-hearted?

Editor’s Note: We’re pleased to welcome a new Caps contributor, Katie Brown. We are now the site for ‘Boys who like boys who like hockey – and the women that love them.” You’ve read her work at Sick Unbelievable, HockeyShopped and … Continue reading

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