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Canucks Take You Can Play to a Whole New Level, and they do it Right!

Today has been such a rush of emotions. It started with me getting frustrated with my family, then with the team I coach, but nothing can get me off cloud nine now. After reading about Cory Schneider and the Vancouver … Continue reading

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Maybe You Can Play… Someday.

Editor’s note: We’re cross posting this piece from our Isles writer Vinny’s personal blog. It was too good not to. If Ryan Lambert and Sonny Corleone had a love child, it would be our very own @RoseTintedVisor. Maybe You Can … Continue reading

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The Glass is Hab Full

By Matthew Skolnikoff So here we go again! Another season of NHL hockey, this year featuring 40% fewer games. The Habs have gotten off to a mixed start – one craptacular game against the Leafs and two spectacular games (one … Continue reading

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Lucic and Seguin and Bruins, Oh My!

So I’m a new voice here at Puck Buddys with a particular interest in the kindest, sweetest, most widely loved team in the league: the Boston Bruins.  The utterly fascinating story of how I went from clueless New Zealand expat … Continue reading

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The Kassian-Cody Conundrum

Cory Schneider must have been relieved when the Canucks squeaked out a win during a shootout with the Calgary Flames last night, but the player who stole the spotlight was Zack Kassian. He scored one of two goals during regulation … Continue reading

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Columbus Opens Season: Shuts Up Nay-Sayers

Going into what SHOULD have been the 2012-2013 season, everyone and their brother (outside of Columbus) counted the Blue Jackets out. I heard jokes about the Jackets playing for draft picks, or setting a record of going 0-82. It seemed … Continue reading

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Get Out The Way, Bitch, Get Out The Way

I’m pretty sure the Pittsburgh Penguins have been listening to a lot  of Ludacris during pre-game warm-ups, because they pushed the Philadelphia Flyers and New York Rangers, predicted by many to be  their stiffest competition in the Atlantic Division (and … Continue reading

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