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Canucks Take You Can Play to a Whole New Level, and they do it Right!

Today has been such a rush of emotions. It started with me getting frustrated with my family, then with the team I coach, but nothing can get me off cloud nine now. After reading about Cory Schneider and the Vancouver … Continue reading

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Maybe You Can Play… Someday.

Editor’s note: We’re cross posting this piece from our Isles writer Vinny’s personal blog. It was too good not to. If Ryan Lambert and Sonny Corleone had a love child, it would be our very own @RoseTintedVisor. Maybe You Can … Continue reading

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The Glass is Hab Full

By Matthew Skolnikoff So here we go again! Another season of NHL hockey, this year featuring 40% fewer games. The Habs have gotten off to a mixed start – one craptacular game against the Leafs and two spectacular games (one … Continue reading

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Lucic and Seguin and Bruins, Oh My!

So I’m a new voice here at Puck Buddys with a particular interest in the kindest, sweetest, most widely loved team in the league: the Boston Bruins.  The utterly fascinating story of how I went from clueless New Zealand expat … Continue reading

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The Kassian-Cody Conundrum

Cory Schneider must have been relieved when the Canucks squeaked out a win during a shootout with the Calgary Flames last night, but the player who stole the spotlight was Zack Kassian. He scored one of two goals during regulation … Continue reading

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Columbus Opens Season: Shuts Up Nay-Sayers

Going into what SHOULD have been the 2012-2013 season, everyone and their brother (outside of Columbus) counted the Blue Jackets out. I heard jokes about the Jackets playing for draft picks, or setting a record of going 0-82. It seemed … Continue reading

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Get Out The Way, Bitch, Get Out The Way

I’m pretty sure the Pittsburgh Penguins have been listening to a lot  of Ludacris during pre-game warm-ups, because they pushed the Philadelphia Flyers and New York Rangers, predicted by many to be  their stiffest competition in the Atlantic Division (and … Continue reading

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5v5 With Jonathan Strong

Now that the Inaugural, with all its pomp and circumstance, ruffles and flourishes, is over, Roll Call reporter, Jonathan Strong, has time to talk hockey, specifically his team, the Washington Capitals. In fact, Jonathan had a busy week leading up to … Continue reading

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Alabama Says ‘You Can Play’ as it Builds a Hockey Powerhouse

When you think about University of Alabama atheltics, the first thing that likely comes to mind is football. After all the Crimson Tide is a college football legend and earlier this month picked up yet another national championship title. What … Continue reading

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Predictions and Previews: Sharks Style

Hold up! Let’s hold up one second, gang, and stop shoveling dirt on the top of the 2013 San Jose Sharks. It seems like a lot of the hockey pundits have been piling it on over the last several days. … Continue reading

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