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End of Chapter 1, The Firing of Coach Claude Noel

What began as a very good and productive Sunday turned into catastrophe when I received a request for a Skype call and many texts saying that Claude Noel and Perry Pearn were relieved of their jobs. The Jets have been … Continue reading

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Season Preview : Jets’ True Colours

MADRID – There is nothing quite like a relaxing cup of café con leche in your sala de estar at 4am to jumpstart not only your day, but also your favourite team’s third season back in the NHL! Indeed, October … Continue reading

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Coming Out 2.0

Editor’s Note: Meet Remi. Finally, we have a Jets writer. Our thanks to him for reaching around out and staying in our faces. You will follow him on Twitter: @Jetster1984. Weeeeeeeeeeee’re baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!! Ok, so we’re a little late in getting represented … Continue reading

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Wings Over Winnipeg

By Way of New York When we first went looking for a Red Wings correspondent, we turned to our good pals at The Production Line, a Hockey Town site so clever, everyone assumes they’re gay.  But they’re not; trust us, we’ve … Continue reading

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