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Vanek & Moulson: Breaking Down The Blockbuster Trade

For a team that has long been mocked for never swinging for the fences, you’d think the Islanders watched one of the premiere left wings in hockey go to their cross L.I.E. rivals. No, the Islanders, THE ISLANDERS, for once … Continue reading

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Offering The Habs A Helping Hand

By Matthew Skolnikoff (@mattsko on Twitter) So, I was saying to a friend the other day, and I paraphrase myself: “The Habs are having a bi-polar season so far. Spectacular wins and boring but agonizing and agonizingly close losses”. Seven … Continue reading

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Hockey Pages: Why Does the Red Wings Guy Write A Book Set Near Pittsburgh?

As I wrote the headline above, I could hear Mike, my friend in Pittsburgh, loud and clear in my head calling out “GO PENS!” People who routinely read my PuckBuddy’s posts know that the Red Wings are my primary team. … Continue reading

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Are You Ready For Some Football…Politics, Activism And Comics?

Interview with Author, NFL Punter, LGBT Advocate, and All-Around Swell Guy Chris Kluwe This is a little outside our wheelhouse, but we here at Puckbuddys strive to bring you sport (usually hockey!) with a dash of gay. With that in … Continue reading

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It’s Not How You Start, It’s How You Finish

Early this month, I wrote a Penguins preview that was essentially a giant cop-out. The city of Pittsburgh had a bad case of Bucco Fever, as Buctober threatened to halt any economic productivity for the city’s fans. With TBS only … Continue reading

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Long Strange Trip

It’s about time we banged out a Caps preview. But rather than pick off the tilts one-by-one, we thought we’d take a longer view – the weeklong Canadian roadie. The Booth of course, is vacated due to the Washington International Horse … Continue reading

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Already Throwing In The Towel

After a mere six games, only one of those at home, it seems the New Jersey Devils are already throwing in the towel. It doesn’t help that all six games have ended in losses for New Jersey, or that they … Continue reading

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Season Preview : Jets’ True Colours

MADRID – There is nothing quite like a relaxing cup of café con leche in your sala de estar at 4am to jumpstart not only your day, but also your favourite team’s third season back in the NHL! Indeed, October … Continue reading

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Profiles in Orange: Who Are We?

You exit an old native pass referred to as ‘the Meadowbrook’ and pull in to a scarcely paved lot across from the Marriott. In that lot, scorns of people are tailgating, regaling each other with their HONK HONK HONK-HONK-HONK greeting … Continue reading

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Season Preview: Tampa Bay

Editor’s note: We meant to get this posted Wednesday night ahead of the Bolts first game against Boston. But the dog ate our homework. Like all of Eric’s writing, this too, is timeless. Eric, like the other good boys who … Continue reading

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