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Hot Wheels

Just in time for the Inaugural, the White House announced today that the President’s tricked out limo service will be sporting DC’s “Taxation Without Representation” tags.  Spokesman Keith Maley: “President Obama has lived in the District now for four years, … Continue reading

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First Line Right Winger

God Hates Loves Fags Westboro Baptist Church “pastor,” provocateur and noted miscreant, Fred Phelps, is at it again.  Taking some time off from his favorite outdoor sport of spreading his blasphemy at military funerals, he’s now chasing the headlines and is … Continue reading

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Tolchocks to the Gulliver

A Grazhny, Merzky and Nadmenny Prestoopnik No matter what the language, Matt Cooke always spells trouble.

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Robot Chicken

“Worst NHL ASG Superhero Mascot, EVER!” Maybe we’re treading in waters where we shouldn’t be.  Not hockey, that should be obvious by now that we’re strangers in a strange land, but in this case elsewhere – the adolescent exotic realm … Continue reading

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Bird Is The Word

Wave that Flag  Our heartfelt thanks to Caps team mascot Slapshot and the entire front office for the warm and gracious welcome they extended to the PuckBuddys.  Seen here at last night’s game before the player intros, our feathered friend lets his freak flag … Continue reading

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Now He’s Gone Too Far

Breaking News from the PB Chinatown correspondent:  Westboro Baptist Church pastor, provocateur and noted fucktwit, Fred Phelps, was spotted picketing the Verizon Center today. “Have you no sense of decency, sir, at long last?  Have you left no sense of decency?”

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