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Drop The Mitt(s)

Does Romney Believe in Miracles? Or Even the Bruins? As a continuing service to the polito-hockey community, we’re taking periodic looks at the field of candidates gearing up for 2012 presidential campaigns.  Obama’s failure to attend a single Caps game since … Continue reading

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God and Man at Rogers

The Drawing Board We read the nation’s editorial pages so you don’t have to.  Today’s Drawing board feature on the Washington Post’s op-ed page had as much hockey commentary as was seen in the sports section.  (Thanks Fred Hiatt!).  Tom … Continue reading

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“Why We Do What We Do”

Patrick Burke: In His Own Words Patrick Burke has a job to do. Not his day job as scout for the Flyers.  But it does relate to hockey, and to his best friend and brother Brendan. It’s January, and Patrick … Continue reading

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Puck Obama

2012 Prospects To hear the current crop of GOP 2012 hopefuls tell it, the first two years of the Obama administration have been an abject failure on both domestic and foreign policy (notwithstanding the bin Laden scalp).  Ask DC hockey fans … Continue reading

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H8 Is A Four Letter Word

5v5 with Sasky Stewart There’s been so much news about gays, games and athletes coming out lately, the gang at OutSports might have to staff another bureau.  First it was Kobe, then Sean, Rick, Will… we’ve lost count, but the latest news … Continue reading

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Rock The Red Rockers

The Caps just announced the Red Rocker tryouts will take place July 9 and 10.  Fifteen very attractive young ladies comprised the 2010-2011 squad and we’ll do a little more research on who the RFAs and UFAs are so we … Continue reading

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First Line Right Winger

God Hates Loves Fags Westboro Baptist Church “pastor,” provocateur and noted miscreant, Fred Phelps, is at it again.  Taking some time off from his favorite outdoor sport of spreading his blasphemy at military funerals, he’s now chasing the headlines and is … Continue reading

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