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Ice Cold War

Wherever hockey and politics intersect, we’re there, crashing the net. We’ve looked at President Obama’s failure to attend a single Caps game at Verizon, a mere 9 blocks from the White House, and we heartily support the RMNB “Barack the … Continue reading

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Mittacle On Ice

We’ve occasionally mixed politics and pucks here before, most of it centered on the Republican side of the aisle. There’s Mitt Romney’s faux Bruins fandom and Tim Pawlenty’s occasional pickup games / photo-ops that were staples of his testing-the-waters visits … Continue reading

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Hoccupy Santorum

And Raising Kane Right on the heels of the You Can Play launch, a few other stories have popped up that drafted in that same wake of acceptance and equality in hockey. There was the stirring coming out story of high school jock and hockey player, Scott … Continue reading

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Drop The Mitt(s)

Does Romney Believe in Miracles? Or Even the Bruins? As a continuing service to the polito-hockey community, we’re taking periodic looks at the field of candidates gearing up for 2012 presidential campaigns.  Obama’s failure to attend a single Caps game since … Continue reading

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