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How I Met Your Mother

Bobby and his boyfriend Jon are taking in more Stars games. We read about their date night with the Stars, but their most recent visit to American Airlines Center was a family affair. Hockey is for everyone, and that includes a loving … Continue reading

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Hab a Seat, This May Take a While

Just in from the Habs Desk, Matt brings us up to speed on his team’s last 8 games, a mixed bag of success and sucksless. Matt is a lumberjack and he’s okay… “I have two jobs which, together, add up … Continue reading

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Night Of The Hunter

Despite any shortcomings, we loved our old coach. We love our new one. We’d love him even if he wasn’t an incredibly handsome man. Don’t hold that against us; it’s who we are and what we do. We can’t wait to … Continue reading

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Benched Bosses

Caps fans weren’t the only Southeastern Division team with a change at the top on Monday, the Canes too, saw a shake up. Mike penned a brief goodbye note.  Onward. “Not to be outdone by the Caps, the Canes have finally … Continue reading

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Coach Boudreau: Happy Trails

We’re not exactly stunned by news that Coach Boudreau has been fired from the Washington Capitals. The buzz around him and Dale Hunter has been growing for the past 24 hours. We are a little surprised, however. Moreover, we’re not … Continue reading

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Betrayal: The Charles Wang Story

Vinny, our man on the Isles beat, unloads. He reloads, and unloads again. His target? Isles owner, Charles Wang. Keep your friends close, Vinny, and your enemies closer. “Charles Wang came to us in the new millennium, a harbinger of … Continue reading

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Capitals Post-Game: Gloom, Despair and Agony

Now Is Not The Time For Woe-Betidings Some mornings you wake, the sun streaming in from a quiet street to warm your house, and everything seems to be right with the world. Until you think back to the night before, … Continue reading

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