Coach Boudreau: Happy Trails

We’re not exactly stunned by news that Coach Boudreau has been fired from the Washington Capitals. The buzz around him and Dale Hunter has been growing for the past 24 hours.

We are a little surprised, however. Moreover, we’re not really sure this is a good decision.

Something needed to be done – but this move clearly states that Boudreau was the source of the problems, which we aren’t sure is the case.  And now, when the team starts struggling again – which they will – who will we blame then?

This doesn’t feel like a good thing for the team & players. But it is what it is.

We’ll miss you, Coach, and wish you all the best. Happy Trails…

Our brothers at RMNB not only got this up, but we encourage you to click hereyes, right here – to go and share your thoughts.

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4 Responses to Coach Boudreau: Happy Trails

  1. david says:

    are you n craig new? the easiest, and well cheapest way for a team owner or gm to attempt to fix his team when they have gone insane is to fire the coach.. even if the problem isnt with the coach.. the ownership have millions of dollars wrapped up in the players, even the showboats that wont show and the leaders that cant lead.. if this move fails to motivate the alexes to produce results, then its either fire hunter or start making trades… oh so sexy sasha im looking at you…

  2. alanmmadison says:

    Boudreau said this season was all going to be about accountability and GMGM agreed. This move was about not getting the job done–on the ice and in the dressing room. I think Hunter will succeed and the Caps will go to the SC finals. Big Al

  3. Hans says:

    I think Tracee Hamilton at WaPo nailed it – “Boudreau compares coaching to parenting, so let’s go with that as an example. Parents the world over have learned this lesson the hard way: Let your kids get away with jumping on the sofa for four or five years, then tell them to stop and see how that works for you.”

    Firing Boudreau isn’t necessarily a statement that the problem is with him and not the team. It could just as easily be a statement that the problem is with the team, but Boudreau isn’t going to be able to sort it out. He’s a great guy and I’ll remember him fondly (unlike Hanlon), but making the switch from “cool uncle who buys you beer” to “tough love disciplinarian” after 4 years of the former is damn near an impossible thing to do.

    Everything I’ve heard about Hunter as a coach, much like the Hunter I loved watching as a kid/teenager, is that he’s hard nosed, hard working, doesn’t suffer laziness gladly, and has the credentials (and in this case a banner with his number on it) to back it up. Boudreau may have been the coach that the Caps fans and media loved, but I think Hunter may be the coach that the Caps players deserve and need. Here’s hoping.

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