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You Can Play

Thanks for Gloria Nieto for sharing her recent, in-depth conversation with Patrick Burke, scout for the Flyers and one of the co-founders of You Can Play. Burke speaks candidly about the project’s origins, the two months since launch and their plans going … Continue reading

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Well, That Sucked

The day was July 19, 2001. Carson Daly was minding his own business and hosting TRL on MTV back when, you know, I guess people still cared and watched MTV. Everything was normal and going as scheduled, but a moment … Continue reading

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On the Bandwagon / Off the Chain

Hello, erstwhile playoff watchers! If you, like me, saw your team already make it’s way to the golf course, it’s unlikely you have lost your love for the game of hockey, but who do you root for? This quickly becomes … Continue reading

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Practice, Practice, Practice

Contrary to popular belief, it wasn’t Jack Benny who originated this joke: “How do you get to Carnegie Hall?  “Practice, practice, practice.”  No matter who first told it, probably some vaudevillian, the lesson holds true for this, too: “How do you … Continue reading

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I Love You, Lu! I Love You Cory! I Love You VAN!

This may be one of my only serious-toned pieces I write for PuckBuddys, so don’t get too used to it. My boys in blue and green saw their season come to a surprising and abrupt end this post-season. It was … Continue reading

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“It’s Good To Be The King(s)”

Greg is back, and so are his Kings; next up is round 2 against the Blues. Greg relives the series over the Canucks and shares THE best spot in LA to watch a Kings game. He’ll also tell you about the downsides of making … Continue reading

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We Stand With Dale!

While we freak out, Coach Hunter talks us off the ledge. In his own words: “It’s a lot of fun… It’s a Game 7. Both teams are equal coming in. You have to have fun with it. You have to enjoy it. … Continue reading

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