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Diplomatic Dispatches: Suomi, Selänne, and Sisu

One of the great things that makes Washington among the most vibrant places in America to live…are the non-Americans living here. Specifically, we’re talking about DC’s huge international and diplomatic community that extends into just about every aspect of life … Continue reading

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Coming Out 2.0

Editor’s Note: Meet Remi. Finally, we have a Jets writer. Our thanks to him for reaching around out and staying in our faces. You will follow him on Twitter: @Jetster1984. Weeeeeeeeeeee’re baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!! Ok, so we’re a little late in getting represented … Continue reading

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Duck Sauce

The Caps unloaded Bruce Boudreau on Ryan’s Ducks and looked what happened – they streaked and the Caps continued sucking. March Madness is making a lot of us crazy and every point counts, especially for the Ducks’ playoff hopes as they square off … Continue reading

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Duck Soup

Scouting Report: Anaheim Schmucks Ducks Maybe it was our Ginsberg homage, but we’re starting to re-think this whole “On The Road” bit.  I mean, look where it got Kerouac.  And look where it’s getting our Caps. Granted, there is a … Continue reading

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