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Fun, Sun, and the 2015 NHL Draft

For the last five years, PuckBuddys have been fortunate enough to cover one of professional hockey’s biggest events – the NHL Draft. Sure, fans can watch it from home – the awkward smiles, the hockey brass cutting deals, the booing … Continue reading

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Sans Louis

In general, I don’t like to overly criticize or castigate professional hockey players (well, on this blog) mainly since I’ve never played the game myself. Once a player gets to the NHL level, it’s self-evident they have the talent and … Continue reading

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Vincent Van Gone

There’s no point in overlooking the fact that this buyout ultimately makes more sense for the team, but it still sucks to lose your captain, community leader, man with really beautiful eyes. Have you seen his eyes? Sorry, I came … Continue reading

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Guy Incognito

“Well, you can’t fire the whole team,” is the hoary ol’ cliché everyone (and my mother) whips out when a coach is fired. The phrase itself implies the notion that really you should just clean house and start over, but there … Continue reading

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Mittacle On Ice

We’ve occasionally mixed politics and pucks here before, most of it centered on the Republican side of the aisle. There’s Mitt Romney’s faux Bruins fandom and Tim Pawlenty’s occasional pickup games / photo-ops that were staples of his testing-the-waters visits … Continue reading

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Fat Tuesday!

Winning Cures Everything; Diving Is For Losers. It’s Fat Tuesday…Mardi Gras.  Show us yours and we’ll toss you some beads! Or maybe not.  Either way, whether you tend to spill more rum from Hurricane glasses on your shoes or jelly … Continue reading

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Keeping the Enemy at Bay

Recap: Florida Panthers & Scouting Report: Tampa Bay Lightning Let’s just say it: most people go to southern Florida to, in one form or another, die. (That’s why there’s such killer antiquing down there!)  Judging by last night, however, our … Continue reading

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