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If there's one thing you need to know about me, it's that I own a Milton Bradley jersey. Broadcast Journalism major at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, class of 2016

Of Cup Champs and Bubble Butts

Tonight, the Chicago Blackhawks will raise four banners to the rafters and your team will not. Unless your team is the Capitals, of course, who upon returning home will raise one for their Southeastern Division Championship, Alex Ovechkin’s Hart, Rocket … Continue reading

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An Angel Loses Its Wings

Pavel Datsyuk is one of the most beloved and respected players in the NHL. He’s exceptionally talented and a perennial all-star, as well as a valued leader on a storied franchise. Good luck finding anyone around the league who names … Continue reading

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Blackhawks Free Agency: Second City Seconds?

Ever topical, the PuckBuddys crew takes a look at how their individual teams fared during the recent free agent frenzy. Today: Stanley Cup champions Blackhawks: Everybody knew the Bolland trade was coming at some point or another. After an abysmal … Continue reading

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If you had told me that there was going to be an NHL season back in December, I wouldn’t have believed you, let alone if you had told me that the Chicago Blackhawks would win their second Stanley Cup championship … Continue reading

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Hawks-Kings: Game 3 Preview

Editor’s note: Shoro penned this. WordPress is acting up. Adam is catatonic right now and in no position to write. “The series is just getting started really,” said Patrick Sharp handsomely. After a whirlwind weekend of back-to-back games at United … Continue reading

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Round 2 Preview: Hawks v. Wings

The regular season has come and gone, as has the first round of the playoffs. Since dead week/finals week/Breaking Bad prevented me from doing an end of the year wrap-up or a playoff preview, here’s a first round wrap-up of … Continue reading

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Crease Conundrum Comes to a Close in Chicago

When your editors alert you that people have asked if the Blackhawks position is open, you know it’s been far too long since you’ve posted about the Blackhawks. I mean, for cripe’s sake, my last post was about a Canucks player. … Continue reading

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Roberto Luongo: Poker Face

Disclaimer: Due to some miscommunication between the editors and myself, this interview is being posted a few months after it was conducted. Hopefully, this will put things into perspective and remind everyone about all of the fun times we got to experience … Continue reading

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Stars Don’t Align For Lincoln

I’m pretty agitated that my first write-up of a hockey game isn’t about the Blackhawks, but I’m just crying over spilt milk so I’m just going to go ahead and let that go. Instead, this write-up is about the local … Continue reading

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Hawkey Lovin’ Homo

Hello, internet people! If you don’t recognize my name (Mike Shoro, b t dubs), it’s because I’ve never written anything on the internet before. Ever. Congrats, as you’re reading the first of what is sure to be multiple of my nonsensical ramblings here in … Continue reading

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