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Of Penicillin and Post-It Notes

After a night like Sunday what better time to write my first Leafs article of the year. I’ve tried to resolve myself to not merely type the words “THAT WAS SO FUCKING DUMB GOD DAMN CHRIST ON A BIKE” over … Continue reading

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Major Minors

Hey there. I seem to only write “yes, I’m still alive” posts of late. Which is probably not the best idea. Neither is writing in a series of halting sentences. Like that. And that. And that… Anyway, yes I am … Continue reading

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Pro Gay

I think now is a great time to share a great story, to show us a brighter side to hockey we’ve been sorely lacking. I can’t recall exactly when or exactly how, but I met my friend “Jason” some time … Continue reading

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Hockey Pride In Canada

Hi. It’s been quite some time, hasn’t it? I really haven’t forgotten about you. Just been busy, I swear. I’ve logged quite a few travel miles (stay tuned) and finally have some downtime where I can be reacquainted with my … Continue reading

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To Everything There Is A Season

We sympathize with Andrew – his Leafs crashed and burned. Caps fans like us avert our eyes to such disasters, hoping whatever contagion the Leafs have doesn’t spread. The heady optimism of the Leaf’s early season gave way to “Fire … Continue reading

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Leafs Lamentations

He’s back. Andrew files on his Leafs, and it isn’t pretty. In fact, it seems like Andrew is spending more time on the train to Ottawa to take in Sens games, that he is watching his hometown squad. Meet the new … Continue reading

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Crosstown Traffic

Our Leafs correspondent, Andrew, swings both ways. No, not that way!  His team loyalities are divided between Toronto and Vancouver. Previously, he shared his travel diary of a visit to Ottawa to see the Sens lose to the Canucks, and now he … Continue reading

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What A Long, Strange Trip…

Not since the golden age of newsreels and Lowell Thomas travelogues, have we seen such rich and thorough documentation of adventure. Our Leafs correspondent, Andrew, is out on parole and allowed to once again travel outside of Toronto. The court-ordered … Continue reading

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Fear and Loathing in Ottawa

Not since Kerouac, or maybe Hunter Thompson, has a road trip been so colorfully documented. Andrew headed to Ottawa last week to take in Blue Jackets game. He still hasn’t surfaced, but his manuscript and snapshots have (smuggled out of … Continue reading

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