Rockets RED Glare

Bob McDonald 1You know who Bob McDonald is, even if you don’t recognize his name. At the very least, you know what he sounds like.

For more than 20 years, Bob has been one of the NHL’s top go-to guys to perform the National Anthem before play, and like many of the crew that make up the Capitals family, we’ve been lucky to have him here in DC.

I say “perform”, but “present” might be the better verb. Some singers have become well known nationally for their stamp they leave on the song: witness Jim Cornelison’s enthusiastic kapowza ass-kicking, or Boston’s Rene Rancourt, whose style we’ll just call flamboyant and leave it there…although personally we think Bert Lahr as the Cowardly Lion did it better.

While Bob’s voice is certainly strong, his anthem is uniquely clean and clear, like a crystal glass allowing us to see the complex wine it holds inside. When McDonald reaches for those notes, it’s like he’s saying the music is what matters, not him. Continue reading

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My Lunch With TJ Oshie


Media? YOU-dia.

On Tuesday, the Washington Capitals organization hosted the annual Media Day luncheon at Kettler Capitals Iceplex, wherein distinguished members of the media, your stalwart scribblers and on-point on-air personalities, are invited to come have lunch and mingle amongst Capitals players and one another. Continue reading

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3 Caps Youngsters: What to Expect, Sums or Bums?


With less than a fortnight separating we, the general plebeian populous, from the annual descent of the gods from Mt. Olympus that we deign to call the return of the NHL season, a fan’s fancy turns to thoughts of vulcanized rubber and stats. Mmm, can you smell it? Continue reading

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Of Warriors, Writers, and Worthy Causes

Photo credit: Elisabeth Schettle

There are some things in life you don’t say “no” to:

“Want to borrow my Ferrari 458 Italia for the weekend?”

“Have you watched the Rafael Nadal Tommy Hilfiger underwear ad less than a hundred times?”

“Do you want to play in a USA Warriors versus DC media charity hockey game this weekend?” Continue reading

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Rewind: Tour de France; Tour de Life


This past July, PuckBuddy Craig took a month off work to go chase a dream: working the Tour de France.

Craig’s been a cycling fan for some time, and each year, just as hockey tends to be winding down (we wanna see you go deep next year, Caps!), the cycling trifecta is gearing up. From May through September, PuckBuddys HQ is tuned to just about every bootleg Turkish TV signal we can find from Italy, France and Spain for the Triple Crown of cycling.

This year, he (somehow) talked the mucky-mucks at NBCSports to bring him along as part of the video production crew. From the edge of the North Sea at Zéland to peaks of Alp d’Huez, Craig took himself on an adventure. And thanks to this article, one of two published in the Sporting News he took the rest of us, too. It’s not about hockey, but it is about the triumph, the struggle, the humanity and the perseverance common to all athletic competition.

BORDEAUX, France — I got an email the other day letting me know that my JV football coach had passed away. The obit, sent by our QB, Jim Ryan, listed every team Vito Costanza coached, except ours, the Brighton Barons. A veteran of playing fields and WWII battlefields, Coach Costanza passed at 89 after battling lung cancer. Let that be a lesson to me.

Ryan sent the obit to about a dozen of us, former gridiron teammates and other jocks who played on a few of the Brighton teams during those halcyon days of the mid 1970s. We were the class and spirit of ’76; think “Dazed and Confused,” which to us, is a basically a documentary of our high school years. Emphasis on high. Continue reading

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Life’s Not Fehr: Why The Penguins Can Have Him


A rare photo of Eric Fehr playing hockey.

The Pittsburgh Penguins announced today that they had signed former Washington Capitals center and half-Rocky Dennis Eric Fehr to a three year contract worth $2 million per year. Continue reading

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The Game’s Chess, It Ain’t Checkers: Holtby’s Strategic Move Takes the Capitals to Arbitration

Pictured: Braden McDuck

Pictured: Braden McDuck

Did you hear the air raid sirens and emergency broadcast not-a-tests this morning?

Braden Holtby and the Caps are going to arbitration over the goaltender’s contract, and Holtby’s camp is reportedly demanding EIGHT MILLION DOLLARS per year.

As I previously stated here, Holtby is probably worth about $6 million per year, and everybody – you, me, your mama, your daddy, your auntie – knows it. So what happened? Continue reading

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