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Biggest Dickheads Of 2012

Chalk it up to the lockout and no hockey this season, but, I’m feeling a little cranky at the end of 2012. Without hockey, Twitter is not nearly as fun. I’m not able to take out my frustrations on smug … Continue reading

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Ice Cold War

Wherever hockey and politics intersect, we’re there, crashing the net. We’ve looked at President Obama’s failure to attend a single Caps game at Verizon, a mere 9 blocks from the White House, and we heartily support the RMNB “Barack the … Continue reading

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Lockout Blackout

What We’re Learning During Our Enforced Vacation   We admit it. We’ve been finding ourselves with a little extra time on our hands lately. And by a little we mean a shrieking, soul-crushing, metric ton of extra time. Which is pretty … Continue reading

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NHL Lockout Wallpaper: Mr. October

I wasn’t paying attention to hockey in 2004 when NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman, with the full backing of team owners, led the league into a lockout which resulted in an entire season of hockey being cancelled. But it’s clear there’s … Continue reading

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Of CBAs And CYAs

Consider this a lockout primer for those of you newer fans who haven’t seen the NHL and NHLPA publicly eviscerate each other in an unadulterated CAN YOU TOP THIS display of stupidity before. I hate writing stuff like this. I’d … Continue reading

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10 Things To Do During The NHL Lockout

I’m a Lockout Virgin. Because I’m a fairly new hockey fan, I have not yet had the displeasure of having my favorite sport cancelled or delayed for the season. But if that happens, I’m not going to sit around crying … Continue reading

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Violence in hockey from a player’s perspective: Scott, Rangers correspondent and a forward with the NYC Gay Hockey Association, is abroad on travel, but that didn’t stop him from filing this piece on how the NHL is dealing, or not, with … Continue reading

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