Gordo + MoJo

Andrew Gordon may be on his way back to Hershey, but we’ll always have Paris New Jersey. 

We learned something important about the Caps that night – there are at least four players on the squad who are not into watching guys kiss.  And we didn’t even get a kiss from Gordo goodbye before GMGM sent him back to the Bears. Our loss; we miss that scrappy (and affectionate) guy already.  

Photo by Clyde Caplan, clydeorama.com

Gordon had this to say:   “That’s going to haunt me forever, I think,” Gordon said. “I don’t even really know why I did that. I was just a happy guy, I just wanted to express it.”   Reaction from the Internets was mostly muted:  

Lastangryfan: “Gordon added an assist in the Caps 5-1 win over the Devils.  Thankfully he didn’t tally his first hat trick, otherwise  Johannson might have been on the receiving end of a little Andrew Gordon tongue action.”

CapitalOutsider also provided a nice little highlight reel of some memorable NHL snogging, too. 

SportsChannelNews:  “And how did Gordon celebrate? By returning to the bench and giving Johansson a quick peck on the cheek.”

But no dinner and and a show. 

The NHL Network announcer guy said, “That’s great stuff right there.”  We agree. 



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