A PuckBuddy’s Cover is Blown

At the January 16 Ottawa game, in front of a nationwide television audience, the well orchestrated covert identities that we’ve long operated under came crashing down. 

Normally traveling incognito and well under the radar; years of misinformation and misdirection insured that we blended in seamlessly with DC’s rank and file. 

While scouting the concourse for first intermission supplies (cheesy nacho snackies and Dippin’ Dots), we made what could be a fatal mistake – outed by the Comcast cameras.  Joe B. and Craig Laughlin may have joked about it, but we take those guys seriously. 

To make matter worse, Locker wants his old jersey back.  To make matters worsier, he’s hired a shadowy death squad led by Alan May to recover it at any cost.  May’s hit men make Murder, Inc., look like pussies Penguins.

With years of doing black bag and wet work in multiple hot zones (Saigon, Tehran, Baghdad and Pittsburgh), we can play cat and mouse with May and stay one step ahead of his ruthless kill team.  We’ll even taunt them at the Habs and Pens games this week.

Well played Locker, well played.  Now it’s our move.

About Craig

Proudly serving gay hockey fans and players since 2010
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