Lights Out, Lamp On

Dark, Dark in the Daytime/Nighttime

Of all places, it was the Consol Energy Center that lost the lights last night. Just exactly what kind of dump is that place?

Photo: Gene Puskar – AP

No matter – after a delay of several minutes following the first intermission, some switch flipping and jerry-rigging worked and the arena lights came back on.  Then later in the second frame, another light came on, this one RED, and it was lit courtesy of Mr. Alexander Ovechkin.

Photo: Gene Puskar – AP

That was all that was needed last night for our boys to slay the Penguins. But let’s back up a little bit and zoom in on a problem or two from last night: No, not this doofus:

Photo: Christian Petersen – Getty

We were seriously outshot in the first – Alex’s thwarted breakaway attempt on Fleury was the Caps’ very first shot of the game – nearly 10 minutes into the first period.  We ended up outshot 18-7 after the first but managed to turn that around in the second.

As troubling was the fact that we had ZERO shots in the final seven minutes of the third. Yipes stripes!  That kinda sucks, right? Still, our scrapiness paid off.

And lucky for us, Neuvy hung tough during the first, second and third. Shaky?  As if…

Photo of Mr. Perfect: Gene Puskar – AP

Versus ain’t no Comcast Sports.  As per usual, the camera work and the announce team left much to be desired, but they did bring us one gift last night – Sasha Major suiting up before the game and looking… major.

But a few minutes later, Versus delivered Caps fans their first and ultimate insult – the pre-game interview with noted repeat offender Matt Cooke.

“Why don’t people like us?”

Did they schedule that one-on-one just to piss us off?  I’d rather hear from a valet parking attendant @ Consol than that cheap hooligan.

Whatever – Our Matt took the starch out of him later on and Cooke may have not been so pretty for a close up after that skirmish.

But enough Versus bashing – tomorrow we take a look at the Comcast team (for a scholarships for college students charity) and a behind-the-scenes look at the people who make Joe B. and Locker look great(er).

Maestro – One more time please!

Photo: Christian petersen – Getty

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