What A Long, Strange Trip…

Not since the golden age of newsreels and Lowell Thomas travelogues, have we seen such rich and thorough documentation of adventure. Our Leafs correspondent, Andrew, is out on parole and allowed to once again travel outside of Toronto. The court-ordered restraining order and ankle bracelet earned from his last trip complicated his travel but he managed to smuggle himself into Ottawa again, this time for a Canucks game.

“How can one sum up two amazing hockey games over the last twoish weeks? That’s been my problem with this update. Well, that and I’ve battled being sick (and the Hydra), the Jesus season craziness (it’s enough to make me convert) and getting career stuff in order (no, I haven’t been going around helping teachers retire). So this is a little late. But better late than never, eh? Because, trust me, it’ll be worth it for the massive picspam alone. Although only a few choice once should make it here, there will be links to all NEARLY 600 pictures.

So, down to business. December 10 marked the second in my three part series of Traipsing To Ottawa Three Times So I Can See The Canucks Play. But this was the big show. This was the Sens v. Canucks. This was what this whole damn craziness I’ve been going on since October (and continue in March against the Sabres) has been for. Because, see, the Canucks and Leafs are my favourite teams. Yes, I get some flak for having two favourites. But shut up, haters. Do you like just one shirt? Or one food? No? Bite me. I say that with all the love in the world.

Vino, Vidi, Vici, eh?

Anyway, this time I decided rather than take the train or bus I would fly, because I’m bougie (and because I dislike being fiscally solvent).

I got to ride a ferry (F-E-R-R-Y, folks.)! Best part was the free booze on board.

And the free snacks. And totally cute guy sitting across from me. But he wasn’t free. Sigh.  

The pregame stuff was pretty typical. Same great friend as before, but we’re both crazy Canucks fans, so we were…how can I say…manic. The slightest reference and we kind of lost it. Yes. We’re those people. A few games before, Kevin Bieksa even lost part of a tooth so my friend made a sign that said “Hey Kevin, I’ll be your Mary Samsonite”. Yeah, nothing says sane and on the level like a Dumb and Dumber reference, eh? But we both loved it. It was grand.

Again, the OC Transpo (Ottawa’s bus system) cam through in droves. Last time was the guy with pajama pants on. That great success. Well, I’ve trumped it. And trumped it in SPADES. Presented, without too much prior comment, this gem – Yes. This is a real person.

A real person who paid money to have that in his hair. And he has a child. That can only end well, right? On the one hand, great skill on shaving it in there, and the detail is quite good. On that other hand, WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL. I’ll let you ruminate about that and, please, post snappy comments below. Because I sure as hell had them flying left and right. Once he safely left the bus, naturally.

Oh, and before I go much further, this is how I was adorned going about town prior to the game. My Luongo jersey. I saved my SCF Kesler one for the game. Which, naturally, I didn’t take a picture in. But I was trolling left and right. Although I did get a few high fives. Because hey, it’s Ottawa, they aren’t used to seeing successful things walking down the street.

A different dining destination in Scotiabank Place this time

Beer was flowing, food was decent this time, and there was a nice smattering of fellow Canuckleheads (yes, apparently this is a thing).

We took our seats afterwards…for about eight seconds before we rushed down to the glass to get a close-up of the warmup that would ensue.

But the best thing prior to that had to be this guy: Just a pair of Underarmour boxers on. Body painted in Canucks colours. He took pictures with all the Canucks fans and was even featured on Canucks.com after the game.

Balls of steel. Balls of freaking steel.

Now, remember last Sens game against Columbus and the crazed pic taking that occurred? Well, this was that, but on massive amounts of crack. Holy god, being that close to the Canucks actually made me lose my shit. And when Bieksa saw my friend’s sign and gave the boards a check right in front of us? I may or may not have had a petit mort. Now I could preamble the following pictures more, I could tell you of the fun things the Canucks do during warmup and the smiles that were constantly on their faces… but a picture is worth a thousand words, no? So presented below is a VERY VERY small selection of what you will find here

Higgins was last off the ice. Higgins and his abs-olutlely wondrous everything. But more on that the next time. 

We happened upon Roger Neilson appreciation night at Scotiabank and, if that weren’t enough, it was also Paul Henderson night too. Anyone who knows anything about Canadian hockey history knows that he’s kind of a BFD. And he did the opening face off, amid a giant ovation. 

That was kind of amazing in and of itself. Seeing a living Canadian legend. But that wasn’t what we came for. We game for the game. And the occasional Sens trolling. Best moment for that was when this guy about 10 rows up from us kept yelling at Kesler, “Where were you during Boston, Kesleeeeeer?” After the first few times, I was getting very, very tired of this chump so turned around and yelled back, “Not golfing, asshole.”

Now I don’t normally do that. I’m normally quite passive (aggressive). But you can’t get all up on that fine piece of ass without expecting me to get my inner bitch out. Because it lies dormant inside for moments just like this. And it felt good. Mainly because you could barely tell it was a Sens game. The Blue and Green was out in force and the LUUUUUUU chants were loud and often. Again, without much preamble, a selection of game shots,  Again, there are nearly 300 total pictures at the link.

My first live, in-person hockey fight. No, Dale Weise did not win.

No, he’s not Tebowing.


I’d gladly give my soul for a Bieksa, Kesler, Higgins adventure….

But it was a great game. We won 4-1, played well and got to hear a crazy drunk woman on the bus ride back go on about how much her Senators suck and how the fans suck. And hearing the fellow Vancouver fans on the bus give her more fodder. Oh man, OC Transpo, never change.”

Next: Andrew takes in another Canucks game, this time closer to home and it was a true Christmas miracle. Please follow him on twitter: @manbearpiglpu

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3 Responses to What A Long, Strange Trip…

  1. lol when are you coming to a Devils game? I yell shit back at the drunks all the time (inbetween doing my quiet/crazy singing/praying/rocking back and forth to the Czech hockey gods about Elias (and now Sykora!)) Well, I guess we’ll have to wait until the ankle bracelet comes off…

    and yayyyyyyyyyy 10,000 pictures to look at even though I don’t care for the Cannucks, I can approve of a good looking man or two.

  2. Adam says:

    You know, despite how amazing this post is, I can’t help but think that the dude’s head with, you know, the faces shaved into it might be the true gem here.

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