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Island Tide Sweeps Away the Cast-offs

This has been an interesting week on Long Island. There was all sorts of hubbub leading up to the draft that there would be moves a plenty. The tension in the Newark air was palpable. The Rangers and Penguins were … Continue reading

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Soundtrack for the Season: Long Island Symphony

There’s something dually both witty and inspirational that’s supposed to put here about building blocks, steps forward, and such.  There were tremendous steps forward. That’s all well and good. However, it also marks a turning point. The age of moral … Continue reading

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Interview with THN’s Adam Proteau

Hey guys, your humble Isles scribe checking in again. Today, I sit down with everyone’s favorite THN writer, Adam Proteau. Adam has been with The Hockey News since 1999, and serves as the radio host for their show on XM.  This … Continue reading

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Scouting Report: New York Islanders

Hey, Whadsa Matta Wid Dese Lung Guylinders? So we’re back on the road, headin’ a-Nassau-way…and we don’t mean to the land of daiquiris and sunshine.  More like rum and Snooki. This is our second of four dances with the Fishsticks; … Continue reading

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