Scouting Report: New York Islanders

Hey, Whadsa Matta Wid Dese Lung Guylinders?

So we’re back on the road, headin’ a-Nassau-way…and we don’t mean to the land of daiquiris and sunshine.  More like rum and Snooki.

This is our second of four dances with the Fishsticks; last time we met in our barn and got away with a 2-1 final.  After tonight there are two more to go as we trade dates and homes at the end of February.

As long as our boys get up on their toes from the start of the game – not, say, :40 minutes into it – we’re fairly optimistic about the game.  We would be more optimistic, however, if we didn’t seem to have worsening troubles in the netFirst Varly was out on injury, then Neuvy, then Varly and now Neuvy.  Braden “Hot B” Holtby has been called up from Hershey…giving the Caps not one, not two but three cute goalies.  Let’s hope his groin stays injury-free.

OK Okposo plays his first game for the Islanders this season, now that he’s all better from a shoulder injury.  Who are the other Islanders hitting the ice worth remembering?   Oy vey zmir, who isn’t?

Andrew Macdonald wins the prize for ‘Name Most Likely Associated With Haggis’ (and that’s saying something in hockey), but he’s no prize pig.  Hardly.  At 6’3″ and 210 (shoots left), Windsor’s Matt Martin is another looker – although every shot we’ve ever seen he’s scowling like a constipated turtle.  (Sheesh, Matty, is it so hard to be good looking?)

For a sport where you’re likely to take a puck to the face, we think Rob “Cocktail” Schremp (no, really…) would have a lot to lose, maybe more than most.  He’s impossibly cute…as are Mark Eaton and Dylan Reese, although Reese probably fits more in ‘rugged’ than ‘cute.’  Nice to have choices.

Yup, there’s more, but we have more games and more time and more pics later.  Just settle down and be patient.

However, the PuckBuddys have obtained special exclusive scouting video of the Islanders at their most recent practice session.

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3 Responses to Scouting Report: New York Islanders

  1. Lisa says:

    The video is so cute! Love you guys!

  2. KNXVIL says:

    I hate to admit that I know this, but speaking of constipated turtles, Snooki is actually from New Jersey. The rest of the bunch are from Staten Island (although one might be from the Bronx, not sure), and then there’s the DJ from Rhode Island who makes them dance in the locker room. If you want to call out Long Island, go old school and summon the memories of Amy Fisher… *shudder* As for the game, I want some down-and-dirty goals, not the Ice Capades. Perhaps a few doctored iced teas before the game might loosen things up a bit.

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