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Penguins. Playoffs. Now.

The Pittsburgh Penguins will beat the Philadelphia Flyers in 5 games if (and this is a big, big if) they can do the following:  1.) Stay out of the penalty box   2.) Convert on the power play  3.) Get on … Continue reading

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Philly #Phail

It’s Never Sunny in Philadelphia Philadelphia, we need to say something.  Consider this an intervention. You are to America what vomit is to a wedding -uninvited, disgusting, and gag-inducing.  For years we’ve tried ignoring you, hoping you’d get the hint … Continue reading

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Comeback Kids, or Come On Kids?

Haven’t We Seen This Movie Before?  And Didn’t It Suck? First, far be it from us to…ah, hell with that.  Our Tweeples may have noticed this from us right before last night’s puck drop: So OK, Nicky 19 didn’t get … Continue reading

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Scouting Report: Philadelphia Flyers

Orange You Sick of Philly Yet? There once was a Caps fan, a Pens fan, a Flyers fan and a Devils fan, all standing on the edge of a cliff.  The Devils fan lept off, yelling as he fell “This … Continue reading

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