Comeback Kids, or Come On Kids?

Haven’t We Seen This Movie Before?  And Didn’t It Suck?

First, far be it from us to…ah, hell with that.  Our Tweeples may have noticed this from us right before last night’s puck drop:

So OK, Nicky 19 didn’t get a goal (0 for what, 20 games now?), but he did get an assist which means he did get his 300th point.  Skol, pojkvän! And hats off to papa Knubs as well, working with Mojo and Ovie to get his 11th on season AND his 3rd goal in 29 games against the Flytards.  No Country for Old Men – ha!

Psychic tweets aside, you could be forgiven for a sense of deja vu last night, watching us fall behind early, struggle back, only to lose it in overtime.  Sure we had some challenges – Neuvy out once again and, according to Coach B, day-to-day at this point.  And for all the whining about Ovie being less than Gr8 lately, what about that immaculate goal? 

Alex stepped it up in the third last night and he was rewarded, but that goal, at least from the replay we saw in our booth, didn’t look good.   The boys in Toronto gave Alex a gift last night, and in fact the whole team. It would’ve been a straight up loss, no point, without that score, which appeared to trickle in by inertia and gravity alone, and not by a Flyer stick.

How many times will we turn to Alex to pull us even in the clutch?  (Answer: as many times as it takes.)

But seriously, men: this is getting old.  It’s got to be troubling for the boys - Coach B said as much last night: “It’s frustrating for everybody.  Unless you’re out there, you don’t know how tough it is sometimes.”

We have no doubt it’s tough, and that our Caps are trying – that’s obvious.  But there’s trying and there’s doing.  No one may turn to us for sports advice, but that won’t stop us from dispensing some:  While it’s no fun to play yourself out of a hole, with the weight of a recent high-flying legacy and the city on your shoulders, maybe the answers are simple.  It almost always comes down to execution.  OK – and sometimes luck too, e.g., lucky puck bounces.  But those lucky breaks have to be created and must be taken advantage of each and every time.

And any talk of comeback kids, whether in a win or a close loss should probably be shelved.  What are these rallys due to?  Coach Boudreau’s second intermission Scream-A-Thons or something else? 

Or does it come down to just conditioning alone – we just happen to outplay and outskate tiring teams in the late going?  That, in and of itself isn’t so bad, but some nights the sparks won’t materialize and the clock will wind down and we’ll take another loss because the first 40 minutes of the game happened to us instead of us making things happen.  

So a slap on the back to our boys – and two slaps to returning DJ King, one of our favs.  Apart from having a totally gold name, he did a great job getting in Jody Shelley’s grill.

Jody Shelley?  Why not Daffodil O’Lollipop?  No wonder he threw in the towel.  We wonder when that common criminal’s next suspension will be.

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5 Responses to Comeback Kids, or Come On Kids?

  1. big al says:

    the caps don’t look like a very rugged team. they’re not finishing checks and not hitting the way a successful playoff hockey team must. and more importantly they’re trying to impersonate a skilled unit with too much passing a little bit too much finesse. putting the puck on net seems so simple, but it’s alluding our boys. MORE SHOTS ON GOAL

  2. KNXVIL says:

    I hate to read about another loss, le sigh. But on an up note, if I could, I would totally apply for “FLYTARD” as my vanity tag if I could have more than six letters (stupid Massachusetts). Instead, I’ll have to settle for “SHINNY,” that is, if the Registry of Motor Vehicles accepts it. Keep the laughs coming, Puckbuddys! ;)

  3. Do you get the feeling that if only the Caps could score first, it’ll be a jaunty waltz to victory?

    • Craig says:

      I so wish, Peter! We saw enough of those early season 2 and 3 goal advantages evaporate quickly and make for bad evenings.

  4. Ed says:

    Tough loss last night but I’ve got to tell you Ovi’s goal was legit. CSN had a super slo-mo replay of the goal looking just behind Bob on his glove side. You can see the heel of Ovechkin’s stick just tap the puck and change it’s speed a little. It wasn’t a whole lot of contact but it was certainly enough to make the call on the ice and by hockey honchos in Toronto the right one. So maybe not a gift now but good fortune.

    On a different note, the press and the announcers seemed to have latched on to the idea that the problem in the first two periods is that team is held back playing a defensive system that doesn’t fit them and that in the third, they let them just play their game. What is your take on that?

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