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Of Rangers and Wizards

Scott is back, this time with a post-mortem on his Rangers’ season. We can use a morgue analogy here – we’re Caps fans. It seemed too good to be true. So many similarities to 1994. The NY Rangers finished first … Continue reading

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What Would We Do Without Our Awkward Sasha? So yeah, there’s been plenty of talk out there about whether Alex Semin will be returning to the Capitals lineup next season. Some of it from Sasha himself, or not, depending on who you … Continue reading

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While The Airheads Get Their Own Show

After much deliberation, I finally succumbed and read up on the dreadful CBC project so tastefully dubbed “While The Men Watch,” and sweetie, I regret my decision. Now I know that there is a major media outlet now endorsing airheaded … Continue reading

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Department of Homeland Insecurity

Ahead of the July 1 free agent deadline, we’re kicking off our Sasha WatchⓇ coverage (and plenty of panic and alarmism, too). Sasha’s agent seems like a complete and utter tool, so we don’t listen to him. And since Sasha’s been … Continue reading

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Tigers Roar Into the Playoffs

Let me be the first to say that the roar we’re bringing into the playoffs next Sunday isn’t due to our record. We finished 2-8, good for 12th place out of 14 in the Bladerunners Spring/Summer D League. A lot … Continue reading

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Soccer is So Straight!

Seriously, why does anyone play it?! This is an open message to all the hockey fans out there who are guilty of saying things like “soccer is gay,” or “baseball is for faggots,” etc. I hope you read this and … Continue reading

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How I Learned To Stop Being A Hater

This isn’t a renunciation of my vitriol for teams, or a sign of some emotional maturity. I’ve sort of made my bones as a blogger and Z-list internet hockey pundit saying insane stuff about teams that made people howl. That’s … Continue reading

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For Seasons

Although it seems so much longer ago, it was only near this time last year (give or take a few weeks) that we were boarding a plane at Dulles that would take us to Amsterdam and Paris. Much of Europe … Continue reading

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Up Where We Belong

Hi everyone, Ryan Lambert here. I’m writing guest posts for Puck Buddys until the Capitals are eliminated from the playoffs, which will be never. Get into it. And so here we are. Just a handful of hours from when I write this, … Continue reading

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Of Ligaments And Litigation

While the Caps have been battling through the first and second rounds of the playoffs, another battle has been taking place, this one behind the scenes, and with equally high stakes. Accusations of poaching, talent raids, curfew and child labor law violations have been … Continue reading

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