Hab At It, Garcons!

Also: Here, Beagle Beagle Beagle Beagle!

Beagle's Back, Baby!

OK, now that we’ve all woken up returned from the NHL All-Star snoozefest spectacular and burnt put down our Guardian Project train wrecks graphic novels, it’s time to get drunken and bitter serious again about Capitals hockey. And what better team is there to get serious about than the Canadiens?

And of course the Internets today are full of “Oh What Ever Will We Do??” teeth-gnashing from Caps fans as we head into our make/break second half of the season.  (Eh, go find ‘em yourself.  We don’t feel like linking to any more belly-groaning today than we have to.)  (And that’s what your comments are for, anyway.)

courtesy Comcast Sports Network

Look, we get it.  We all get it.  The coaching staff gets it.  Every dope buying $8 light beer at Verizon gets it.  That jelly doughnut Coach B had for breakfast and spilled on his shirt this morning?  Gets it.

There’s no secret about what has to happen with our Boys in Red the next two months.  Tighten up team play during PPs, less dancing and more goals from the offense, get our goal-minder sitch stable and get our boys-with-the-owies, like T-Po and Sasha, healed and back on the ice.

And there’s no better time to start getting on with it than tonight with the Canadiens.  Home crowd?  Check.  Jay Beagle back from the Bears? Check check.  An opponent who knows how to show up and play?  Double check.

Speaking of, Coach Jacques Martin and his boys in bleu blanc et rouge come to town looking to bring the Caps a little comeuppance, following their last meeting where Varly turned in a perfect performance, leading to a 3-0 shutout.

Sure, star players like Cammalleri, Kostitsyn, Wisniewski, Plekanec and Hamrlik (What is this?  The Hamtramk phonebook?) get all the attention.  But there are plenty of vowel-challenged Habs who are worth a second look.  Or third.

Take Jeff Halpern.  Gladly!  The Potomac, MD-born center has made his travels of late – the Stars, Lightning, the Kings, and now the Habs.  We’re thinking anyone would be happy to get out of any of those places…and we’re betting Montreal’s front office is happy with their acquisition, too, the way he’s been finding the twine.  We’re just happy to have found this shot of him.  (And yes, we know he played a stint with the Caps, don’t get your bustle in a bunch…)

Then there’s Alexandre Picard.   Ten years younger than Halpern, the 6’3″ Quebecster also came to Canada via Tampa Bay (booooo!) and hasn’t yet been up nord long enough to make his mark.  On the ice at least.  But we’re shallow and think he’s adorable.  Make it so, Picard!

Then there’s Carey Price, who at 6’3″ has been handsomely filling out the Habs net, if you follow our drift.  Price, Greenie and Ovie were team-mates at the All-Star game, although it didn’t look like either Cap was really that thrilled about it.

And because…well, because we’ve just run out of things to say today, we’ll just leave you with this little curtain-lifter into Carey’s life.

See you at the Phone Booth!  Vive La Sainte Flanelle!

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