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Winter Classic Visitors Guide: Arlington is ArlingFUN!

Out-of-towners often ask about the District’s unusual history; something along the lines of ‘Are you a state or a city or what? Does your mayor still do crack? And why is it shaped so weird?’ Meaning, we assume, the District, … Continue reading

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No Miracle Here: Team USA in Sochi

North America Ain’t Big Enough for the Both of Us: USA vs. Canada God, Jesus, Buddha, and Vishnu sat around a table, watching hockey. They loved it, but Buddha turned to God and said, “What if we took the NHL, … Continue reading

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Merry Leonsisvus!

Merry Christmas, family! Season’s greetings to you and yours and theirs. This past week the Caps unwrapped a home-and-home with Flyers, splitting it right down the middle likely a finely roasted chestnut. Let’s take a ride with the Ghost of … Continue reading

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What The Turducken – A Capital Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving Eve, family! I hope your cranberries aren’t too jellied after the week the Capitals had, because there’s new hockey to be played. We must first look back, however, and give thanks that last week is over, and a … Continue reading

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Cap Your Pens – Wednesday Pensday in DC

Happy Wednesday, family! As the sun also rises on yet another Wednesday Pensday in the District and beyond, we pause and reflect upon the mystery of Karl Alzner’s mustache and its terrible, haunting beauty. A Requiem for a Shaving Cream. … Continue reading

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The Good, The Bad And The Meh

Happy Tuesday, family! As this most odious of weekdays dawns let us take a moment to remember that hockey is being played, that there is no lockout, and that life is good. Amen. Now, when we last met, the Caps … Continue reading

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Caps at .500: Taking Stock, Looking Ahead

It’s 8:25am on a Tuesday, and the patient has just woken up. It is the first time he’s done this in almost five weeks. Patient: Where…where am I? Doctor: Easy now, baby steps. You were in an accident, but you’re … Continue reading

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