Eagles Hate Sharks.

Among the most random questions possible: does Slapshot travel with the team on away games?  Does he board the bus or the plane, all feathers and beak, or is he stored away hidden in a steamer trunk to preserve his mystery?  Does he has a secret supply of caffeine/meth?  Does he have a roomie?  Is he even a he? (We TOTES want to know!)

We’re thinking this because the only thing that could have saved last night’s game for us was a burrito cannon shot by the Red Rockers. 

Or that thing they do with the sad little blind girl who needs Lasik but never gets it, and has to go bumping off the stage as the Caplets shake their money-makers. 

That thing?  Still better than last night.

History indicates we don’t like playing the Sharks.  Maybe it’s all the frappa-latte-chinos floating in the area around San Jose.  Maybe all the wireless thingamabobs fry our boys’ little brains.  Or maybe it’s that uber-cool Shark-Mouth the team enters through to take the rink: yeah, Slappy’s got beak, but baby those Sharks iz teeths!

Clearly I’ve given up the expert analysis bit today.  (And a great cheer was  heard throughout the land.)  But it doesn’t take an expert to see a team struggling with a new style.  Couch B’s trap defense may work great for some teams – and maybe even the Caps at some point. But not now

It isn’t working.  This from a fagola watching on CSN.  Team: it’s not working.

Now usually we’re all about the funny and the har-har and the man-meat on the ice.  But this seems like a particularly important moment.  A pivot-point, if you will.

The PuckBuddys desperately want to see a Caps/Wings Cup battle; but more than that we just want to see the Caps in the playoffs.

Given what we’re seeing, it’s going to be a wait.

Step it up, boyos.

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2 Responses to Eagles Hate Sharks.

  1. David Bower says:

    Where can I get a puckbuddys flag like the one in the February 18th post?

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